Personal and Family Giving

We provide a modern and flexible way for individuals to effectively manage their charitable giving. A cost-effective alternative to running your own private foundation, this works well for philanthropy of any scale.

Unlike typical 'donor-advised funds' we also provide for:

  • International giving
  • Impact Investments (lending funds to charities, not just granting)
  • Dual-tax deductions for people subject to multiple tax jurisdictions

There are no upper or lower limits on the amount you can move into your SharedImpact account.

How it works

Tax benefits

You donate money to SharedImpact. As SharedImpact is a registered charity your donation has the tax benefits that any donation to a charity attracts.

For example:

  • In the USA, SharedImpact is a 501(c)(3) public charity, so US donors may generally deduct contributions representing up to 50% of their adjusted gross income.
  • In the UK, SharedImpact can receive GiftAid on your donation, and/or you can claim a tax deduction.

Your choice

These donations stay within SharedImpact until you advise us where to put them. We follow your advice so long as it matches our charitable objectives and it is feasible. Our charitable objectives include “helping charitable bodies, and non-charitable bodies pursuing a charitable purpose, to access funding solutions to help them thrive for the benefit of the public”.

You can make these choices whenever you like – you can top-up your account when it suits you, and distribute that donation, either fully or partially, whenever you wish.

SharedImpact is an online system so you can use it at any time.

Social investment

Often charitable organisations wish to borrow money. It is sometimes as simple as a loan for one year so a roof can be fixed in the summer, or perhaps a company that has a social purpose (often called a social enterprise) wants to expand and needs to raise money by selling shares. Sometimes charities that provide services get paid afterwards, and they need to borrow money now to pay their costs.

SharedImpact allows you to direct your donations into these ‘social investments’. You can lend your donation to a charity, and when they repay lend it out again. You can help many charities and social enterprises as you lend out your donation again and again. SharedImpact also allows you to donate your account balance to charities if you wish to.

Comparing the SharedImpact Account to typical donor-advised funds

 SharedImpact AccountTypical
'Donor-Advised Fund'
Donate in now,
and advise on deployment later
Allow your existing wealth advisor
to manage funds

Deploy to local causes

Deploy to international causes

Grant out

Loan out
(impact investments)
Get dual-tax deductions
(if you pay tax internationally)



UK GiftAid

GiftAid is a UK tax deduction system where the tax deduction is shared between the donor and the recipient charity. (In this case, your SharedImpact account is the recipient charity).

GiftAid applies to UK-qualified donations, ie donations from UK taxpayers, but in some circumstances can also apply to non-dom individuals.

How it works

For every £100 you give, the charity can claim an extra £25 direct from the UK government - so long as you have paid that £25 in tax to the government.

Higher-rate taxpayers also get to claim back the difference between the basic and higher rates.

For more details please ask us, or see the government website.


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