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Typical investments in this region

 Access Afya

“Integrated community healthcare for slums”

Access Afya runs a chain of micro-clinics in Nairobi’s slums. 


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Around 60% of urban Kenyans live in slums. Here, healthcare options are inconvenient, unreliable, with appealing options as unaffordable. Residents in the slums choose between crowded, under-resourced facilities and informal chemists, who sell pills but not healthcare. The drugs that residents purchase from these unregulated, under-qualified chemists often are counterfeit or expired. 

We are customizing a solution that speaks directly to this market. By setting up micro-clinics directly into slums between fruit sellers and homes, we make care convenient and through our training and customer care program, we make it a lot more friendly and comfortable.

We are raising funds to expand our work through additional field-based sites including employer health points for informal workers and chronic care management groups. We are also raising money to support our third site.


 African Prisons Project

African Prisons Project - Working to make prisons in Africa a place of positive transformation


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For over a decade, AFRICAN PRISONS PROJECT has worked to bring dignity and hope to men, women and children in prison in Africa through healthcare, education, access to justice and community reintegration. APP’s vision is that time spent in prison is a time of positive transformation where inmates gain the skills, motivation and support needed to live with dignity and contribute positively to society on release. APP is working to establish a new, sustainable model for imprisonment in Africa, based on rehabilitation and a respect for human rights. To achieve this, its approach is based on a partnership with prison services, the police, the judiciary, lawyers, NGOs, businesses, universities, healthcare providers and prison staff and prisoners themselves. 


 GCP Foundation

GCP Foundation is a distributor of solar lanterns in Africa.  It aims to provide safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly light solutions to the 400 million people living in Africa without light.


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GCP Foundation is a distributor of solar lanterns in Africa.  Our aim is to provide safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly light solutions to the 400 million people living in Africa without light.


 Kilimanjaro Blind Trust

The Kilimanjaro Blind Trust aims to improve the lives of blind and visually impaired children in Africa. 80% of blind children lack access to quality education. We are changing this.


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In September 2005, 27 climbers set out on a mission to reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Eight of them were blind. Before and after the seven-day expedition, several visits were made to schools and facilities serving the blind children in the Arusha region. It was immediately apparent that the need was enormous; students had no or little access to Braillers - critical tools for their literacy and education - nor did they have basic tools like guide canes to navigate the school yard. The experiences provided first-hand insight into the pressing need for better educational resources for blind and visually impaired children in East Africa, and from that moment the group decided they’d do something to help, and the Kilimanjaro Bind Trust was established to provide better support for the education of blind and visually impaired children in East Africa, with literacy at its core. 

Today, the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust has grown to support projects across seven countries in East Africa. We’ve learned that by improving literacy, more blind and visually impaired children will eventually achieve higher job placement rates, and higher literacy will improve their ability to integrate and increase their independence. We do this by ensuring that thousands of Braillers across East Africa, are maintained and in working condition. We also provide new Braillers where needed, and help support the teaching process by providing Braille paper and other critical supplies. And now we're funding new technology and initiatives that will lower the costs of our services and increase our reach even further.

Our primary goals are as follows:

  • Ensure that every child in East Africa has access to a braille machine and quality teaching materials
  • Build and run the infrastructure required to track and maintain all braille machines in East Africa
  • Increase access to affordable quality Braille paper, Brailler spare parts, and other necessary supplies
  • Advocate on behalf of blind and visually impaired students from primary through university

An enormous thanks in advance for your support in helping us bring literacy to Africa’s forgotten blind children. Any donation will have a huge impact, but here are some guidelines for how your gift will be used today:

  • A gift of £50 buys a year’s supply of Braille paper for 8 children.
  • A gift of £200 covers spare parts to repair 10 Braille machines.
  • A gift of £500 can unlock a lifetime of access to a Braille machine for a blind child. In the US, blind people with Braille literacy have an 80% better chance of finding employment. Our goal is to have one Braille machine for every blind child.
  • A gift of £3,500 would deliver training for 10 additional repair people. When we train technicians, we create the potential to repair 200+ Braille machines per year



 Tusk Trust

Protecting endangered species in Africa


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Grants to the Tusk Trust will be used to support wildlife conservation, communities, and environmental education in Africa.





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