We offer you an exciting new way to work with charities and social enterprises. We use your generous donations to intelligently lend funds to charities, filling a financing void left by the banks. We provide an alternative to the simple dependency culture of grants and donations by using loans to help charities grow sustainably with social investment.

How it works

Your donation funds loans. As they are repaid we are able to recycle them to support more charities over many years, providing long-term benefits to both the charities and the donors. The same money being used many times over. Your annual donation will grow into a major funding resource at no additional cost or administrative burden to you.

By making a regular annual donation you can quickly build up a substantial fund in your name which can be deployed with significant public visibility.

From your organisation’s financial perspective it is still a simple donation, with exactly the same tax treatment - We are a registered charity ourselves. The complexity is managed entirely by us, so you don’t need to worry about due diligence and loan management.


Personal or Corporate

We believe in employee engagement. Once you have made your donation, you can get your employees involved. They can be ‘given’ a portion of the donation to manage, and top up if they wish, allocating funds amongst the charities you have chosen to support: (either individually or by choosing sectors or regions).

For those employees who don’t wish to get involved we step in and manage it for them, so nothing goes to waste.

There is transparency throughout, so you and your employees get to see the charities you are supporting and follow their progress.


Personal Service

We provide a personal service whether you are a personal donor, a family office or a corporate CSR provider. Our unmatched expertise in Impact Philanthropy is always available.

We can provide a concierge service to HNWI, family offices and corporations based in New York City, Connecticut, London and most of the UK.


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