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We carry out medical research that helps people regain their quality of life, independence and dignity after major trauma. Rebuilding lives is at the core of what we do.

Rebuilding Lives Through Medical Research

We carry out medical research that helps people regain their quality of life, independence and dignity after major trauma. Rebuilding lives is at the core of what we do. For more than 27 years the RAFT research team has been busy focusing on areas of research that can provide practical and tangible solutions for children and adults that through accidents, disease or birth defects can significantly benefit from our research.  

Who we work with

RAFT’s research programmes have been funded by numerous partners who share our vision and believe in our potential. We are also joined by a plethora of professionals and scientists who understand the significance of our research and empower our efforts with their expertise. RAFT has funded and trained dozens of surgical research fellows. We have published hundreds of medical papers and are recognised by the scientific community as leaders in our field.  However, what's most important to us is the people we aim to support. The science is the tool that we use to make people's lives better.  

A major aspect of our research is our direct coordination with patients and caregivers. It helps us steer our efforts in a better direction and focus on result oriented research in areas that really need improvement.

Current Projects and Future Progress

Supported by people who care to change the world for good, RAFT has numerous on-going research projects that can improve the level of care and treatment available for patients. Here is a list of our current projects.

Wound Healing – We have taken the Smart Matrix® artificial skin scaffold, developed at RAFT, to clinical trial last year – one step closer to patients. The team is also working on a more robust form of Smart Matrix® to treat more complex wounds such as major burns, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers and military injuries.The aim is to significantly reduce scarring, speed up recovery and reduce the chances of infection.

The Bionic Limb Project – We are developing intuitive prosthetics so when an amputee turns a key in a door or picks up a cup they can do it without having to think about it just like an able bodied person. Advanced technology coupled with a simple but ingenious way to fit the prosthetic to the existing stump will provide significantly more movement, control and comfort to patients.

Breast Reconstruction - Research to vastly improve breast reconstruction surgery for women who have had a mastectomy, increasing reliability, safety. Reducing scarring and ending the need for repeat operations.

Growing bone in the body - We are developing a technique to enable the body to grow bone naturally where it is needed so bone grafts and the use of metal plates become a thing of the past. This treatment will have significant benefits for elderly people with osteoporosis or damaged non healing fractures and those needing knee or hip surgery.

Facial reconstruction - 3D Printing - Research into personalised facial reconstruction – using 3-D printing, to create personalised  facial implants for reconstruction following congenital deformities, cancer or trauma.


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