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Hands With Hands

Hands With Hands - Earthquake Support

To empower and support local people and projects in Nepal for immediate relief after the earthquake as well as long-term building of sustainable solutions. 

HandswithHands started in 2001 as a joint initiative of Kira Kay from Australia and Dipendra K.C. from Nepal and some other international friends.

Its vision is to empower and support local people and projects in Nepal that help the country and its people. To date, HandswithHands runs many different projects, all sustainable in nature, and ranging from self-sustaining children homes, to microfinance groups, to education initiatives, water and sanitation projects, healthcare initiatives and many more. The projects are spread over the country, still most of the leaders of the different projects are connected, and are part of the family like culture of handswithands. 


A 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the strongest after 80 years, has just shaken up Nepal. So many people lost their homes, total villages are destroyed; shelter, water, electricity, and medical supplies are pressing issues at the moment.

Here is how you can help: you can make a donation towards the Germany based charity handswithhands that operates since 15 years on sustainable projects in Nepal. It has a huge network of people and projects throughout the country who luckily all survived and are already active in immediate relief.

Handswithhands is professionally run by volunteers. The co-founder of handswithhands, Kira Kay, happened to be just outside Kathmandu, when the earthquake hit, and has mobilized her team, so funds are carefully spent.

The first project for immediate shelters has started through the local company, more long-term shelters are sourced for. Other members of handswithhands are about to visit villages that are hardly left, to offer immediate help, for that further supplies are needed. And more projects to come.

Latest update from Kira

Thank you for all your messages – I cannot reply to all right now! Mother Earth when she shakes it certainly is a reminder of how fragile we human beings are. The communications have been mostly 'off' since the early hours this morning so I am not fully aware of the consequences although after spending several hours so far today wandering the streets and randomly meeting up with friends and making new friends I have seen both the immediate and potential longer term damages … many many building are standing ok, but they are structurally damaged and would not sustain another big quake. We are still experiencing here aftershocks and the fear is high of another big quake … thankfully here in Kathmandu many people know to stay outside and there are 'community' camps in every open space and the army/police are coordinating rescue and cleanup operations in the dangerous situations. Right at the moment there is basics of water and food supplies, I find that the local people are resilient and used to the unexpected and responding amazingly. The epicentre has been between Pokhara and Kathmandu and therefore affecting the "hills" region which is quite populated and in the rural areas poorly constructed buildings – some of the news coming in is quite shocking, whole villages destroyed. How many lives lost is still very much unknown at this point and my sense is that it will take weeks to fully assess and collate the damage to both people and buildings. I am very thankful that all my Nepal friends are safe, even though some houses are badly damaged the friends are alive and well as are their families. Walking about the city today I could feel my heart wide open, experiencing helplessness and compassion …

I know for sure I will be a part of the rebuilding here – and I hope to also make some influence in supporting with buildings that are both safe and less impact on the environment.

Grant appeal

Your support is provided as a grant to Hands with Hands, and will be used exclusively for support in Nepal. Thank you for your help and generosity.




Transaction restrictions:

Minimum: £10.00
In multiples of: £10.00

Hands With Hands - Earthquake Support

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