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Beyond Capital Fund

Beyond Capital Fund

Impact Investment Fund working in East Africa and India on water, waste and sanitation, healthcare and energy projects.


Beyond Capital is an impact investment fund that invests in for-profit social enterprises throughout India and East Africa.  We invest in businesses that are focused on greater access to health care, water, sanitation and energy, as well as food security and financial inclusion, which can increase the quality of life and standard of living for consumers at the bottom of the pyramid.  Though we seek market rate financial returns, Beyond Capital is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, which permits us to emphasize fidelity to our social mission alongside our financial mandate.

Impact Investment in a Social Enterprise with High Impact

Every dollar you donate will impact 9 lives and kickstart a sustainable business doing GOOD. Your donation will be 100% directed towards an impact investment in an innovative startup working to solve one of the world's greatest challenges. In total, they are targeting an additional $600,000 in grant funding 

Your donation will be directed towards an impact investment in an innovative startup working to solve one of the world's greatest challenges. 

Beyond Capital has a 9-year track record of successful impact investments, that have improved the lives of a growing 2.4 million people living below the poverty line.

Social Impact

BCF provides investment capital and beyond capital services, high quality pro-bono legal services, to social enterprises. It uses the traditional investment approach but differs in its strict consideration and prioritization of social impact. BCF’s strategy is to play an active role with each company to have the power to preserve impact into the future. Furthermore, its social impact reporting systems adds an extra layer of focus to the company’s social impact.

BCF’s key advantage is the breadth and quality of its team, who are all committed volunteers and possess extensive expertise in finance, impact investing, restructuring, business development, law, HR, growth and governance. Further, to acknowledge local situations, BCF works with several local advisors on the ground.


To date, Beyond Capital Fund has invested in nine social enterprises and has provided “Beyond Capital” Services to another four ventures.

  • Sanergy builds a network of toilets throughout Africa’s informal settlements and franchises them to local micro entrepreneurs.  Today, this creates access to hygienic sanitation for more than 1,200 people per day and income for franchisees.
  • ERC Eye Care believes that there is a birth right of sight to enable everybody to work, thus it provides quality, affordable eye care solutions to people living in underserved communities in India. To date, ERC has set up six Vision Centres and runs a mobile unit to screen and provide glasses for more than 10,000 people per operation.
  • Frontier Markets provides low-cost, high quality clean energy products with its unique distribution model of local entrepreneurs to the BOP in India. By 2013, it has sold 4,000 units and provides work for more than 80 dealers.
  • Beyond Capital Fund has provided high quality pro-bono services to Waste Capital Partners & E-Health Point in India, as well as to Penda Health & Koosongo in East Africa.




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Beyond Capital Fund

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