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Bottletop Foundation

Bottletop Foundation

A social enterprise that supports young people through health education projects in Africa, Brazil and the United Kingdom

Bottletop empowers over 35,000 young people each year. We do this through creative projects that tackle delicate teenage health issues ranging from the prevention of HIV/AIDS and unplanned teenage pregnancy to drug abuse and gender equality. Film, youth newspapers, drama, music and peer education are some of the effective ways that we interest and engage young people. 


Bottletop is dedicated to design, craftsmanship and culture.

Through the creation of our designs, we give highly skilled craftsmen the opportunity to support themselves and their families.

We reach the wider community through the Bottletop Foundation to ensure a long lasting and more sustainable impact on the local culture.

The Bottletop Foundation supports young people through education projects, which empower them to take control of their lives.

This grant helps fund the ongoing operations of the Bottletop Foundation. 


Social Impact

Our UK project partner, Body & Soul, is a unique charity supporting children, teenagers, women, hetrosexual men and their families living with, or closely affected by HIV/AIDS. Teenspirit is the focus for Bottletop’s support. This group supports teenagers aged 13-19 who know of their own HIV status or a family member’s. Society’s stigma and ignorance surrounding HIV means the majority of young people living with HIV are forced to live in isolation.

Teenspirit was the first project set up which recognised that teenagers living with HIV needed support in order to cope. A core aim of the group is to equip and empower young people with the skills, information and confidence to respond positively to the challenges they face, which range from family conflict to multiple needs depression and self harming.

The holistic approach taken by Body & Soul not only helps teenagers find solutions to their immediate problems but also works with them to build their self-esteem. Information, support and advice are available to help them make informed choices for their futures and make positive longer term changes in their lives.

Grant Criteria

Beyond the basic eligability criteria we use the following guidelines to identify exceptional organisations:

  • Empowerment: We give priority to organisations that engage young people as active participants in their own growth and development rather than passive recipients of services.
  • Innovation and creativity: We give priority to organisations that tackle old problems in new ways, demonstrating innovation and creativity in their program strategies and approaches.
  • Community involvement: We give priority to organistions that are rooted in their communities and operate with community input, involvement and investment, embracing the community as an integral part of their success.
  • Effectiveness: We give priority to orgnisations that can demonstrate sustained, meaningful improvement to the lives of young people.
  • Strong leadership: We give priority to organisations that have committed, respected, dynamic leadership with a vision for change.
  • Potential for sustainability: We give priority to organisations that have a strategy for the long term sustainability of their programs through donor diversification, mobilisation of government funding, income generating activities and other creative measures.
  • Reputation: We give priority to organisations that are recognised and trusted in their communities.
  • Distribution of Funds: The Bottletop Foundation has established an international grants programme, which supports poverty alleviation schemes in areas where we produce our products and grass roots education initiatives that empower young people. The Bottletop foundation  currently supports programs in Malawi, Rwanda, Mozambique, Brazil, and the UK.


*This is a grant. Grants do not provide principal or a financial return back to your account.




Bottletop Foundation

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